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Tasty Bone Nylon Dental Bone for Medium to Large Dogs - Parsley

Tasty Bone Nylon Dental Bone for Medium to Large Dogs - Parsley


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Tasty Bone Nylon Dental Bone for Medium to Large Dogs - Parsley
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Tasty Bone’s Dental Range is designed to improve your dog’s oral health and prevent the onset of disease.  The Dental Bone’s unique ridges and grooves massage gums and reduce plaque and tartar build up.  When used regularly, this will help to banish dog breath! Whilst the refreshing flavour will last for the life of the bone.

Dental Bone satisfies every bit of your dog’s urge to gnaw and the vigorous chewing action helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Dental Bone can be washed in soap and water, and because it’s so durable it lasts for ages too.

# Dental Bone has a unique, ridged design that massages the gums while reducing tartar and plaque build up.

# Dental Bone is made from a durable nylon material that can withstand moderate to heavy chewing without experiencing too much wear.

# Dental Bone has a tasty flavour that lasts the lifetime of the bone, so it will always be appealing to your pet and will also freshen their breath.

# Proudly made in the UK

# Suitable for small to large dogs



Do not throw the dental bone for your dog to catch, the impact could injure their teeth. Dental Bone is perfectly safe to ingest – small fragments will pass through your dog’s system harmlessly. Replace the dental bone when it is small enough for your dog top swallow whole. As with all chew toys, supervision is recommended.


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