Wattlelane Stables QI Gold Serum For Horses 950ml

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Wattlelane Stables QI Gold Serum For Horses 950ml

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Wattlelane Stables QI Ease Gold Serum

Luxurious & delightfully fragranced skin serum

100% natural and 100% safe for sore, itchy or dry skin on horses, dogs, cows and pigs.

# Fortified with 10 essential fatty acids, Vit A, E and Omega 3,6 & 9 for healthy skin and hair

# 5 Essential Oils – Citronella, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon of Eucalypt Oil, Rose Geranium Oil & Spike Lavender

# Emu oil

# Jojoba, Shea and Coconut for soothing and hair regrowth

All premium quality ingredients guaranteed FREE from any Silicones, Iodine, Neem, Synthetic Oils and Solvents.?No nasty chemicals

Made from the very finest oils for late afternoon application (avoid direct sunlight and heat of day).

QI Gold Serum contains Emu Oil, Jojoba, Shea, Coconut, Spike Lavender, Citronella, Tea Tree, Lemon of Eucalyptus & Rose Geranium.

All premium quality ingredients – luxurious on your own hair or skin too. No nasty chemicals.

Apply every 3 -4 afternoons to allow the skin to breathe and optimize.

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