Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Dogs 700gm

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Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Dogs 700gm

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Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Dogs

Unique blend of nutrients to assist immune system function

Works from the inside out to enhance total well-being by meeting necessary nutritional gaps often experienced by dogs prone to itching / skin issues.

A unique blend of nutrients to assist immune system function due to their ability to enhance infection defence mechanisms and simultaneously down-regulate infl?ammation. ?Includes toxin binders, organic zinc and prebiotics.

Daily Feed Rates

Small Dog 3-5kg = 18 grams
Medium Dog 6-11kg = 20 grams
Large Dog 12-20kg = 25 grams
X-Large Dog 21+kg = 25 grams

Feeding recommendations

Feed alongside Rikono’s Gold comprehensive daily supplement with fresh meat, bones, offal, vegetables and fruit to provide a complete and balanced diet. Add carefully measured supplements to daily wet feed. Introduce slowly as minerals have an initial strong smell and fl?avour. Use a micro scale to weigh.

Frequently asked Questions

How much is 25 grams?
2 x level enclosed scoops weighs 25 grams (daily rate for large breed dog)

How long will 1 x bag last?
1 x 700 gram bag will last 1 x large breed dog (12-20kg) 28 days.

Is it safe to feed with Rikono’s Gold?
Yes, it compliments Rikono’s Gold
NOTE: Rikono’s Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral, vitamin & amino acid supplement. ?All our other Feed Supplements are considered ‘add ons’ as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Is it safe for breeding & lactating bitches and puppies?


How long until results are noticed?

Allow between 10-21 days for full improvement to be noticed.

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