Paw 2-in-1 Slow Feeder Bowl and Lick Mat for Dogs and Cats – Orange

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Paw 2-in-1 Slow Feeder Bowl and Lick Mat for Dogs and Cats – Orange

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Get the best of both worlds to entertain your pet and improve their eating habits with the PAW 2-In-1 Slow Paw & Pad!

This innovative product features a removable lick pad that can be used for treats, broth, wet food, pastes, etc., for a mentally stimulating and relaxing treat time. Repetitive licking is a very therapeutic action for your pet to engage in and can help relieve anxiety. The Lick Pad is removable and can be used separately, which is great for car trips, bath time, and more.

The paw-shaped tray is a slow-feeding food bowl that features separate compartments to divide and portion out food to encourage your dog to pace their eating. You can also use the tray to add more variety to your dog’s meals, such as adding snacks or raw foods instead of just kibble.


PAW separates food into multiple mini bowls to slow eating and reduce risk of bloat

PAD is perfect for stick treats and encourages licking to stimulate saliva production to improve digestive health

Colourful paw shaped plates provide large feeding areas to slow eating speed down naturally

Two standard bowls, two slow feeding bowls and a centre area

Four large antiskid rings provide higher stability than traditional rubber feet

Human standard food-grade materials and durable TPE Rubber

BPA and PVC Free

Dishwasher safe

Size: 36cm x 30cm x 3cm

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