Company Of Animals Halti Headcollar Black Size 0 for Dogs

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Company Of Animals Halti Headcollar Black Size 0 for Dogs

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The Halti Dog Training Headcollar Black is a dog headcollar which guarantees to stop dogs pulling. Recommended by vets and canine professionals worldwide, the unique patented design works by gently directing the dogs head, and the responsive no pull action kindly stops even the strongest pullers. Naturally following the contours of a dog’s face and positioned well down the dog’s nose, the Halti Dog Training Headcollar Black gives you maximum steering power and control.


Comfortable and secure

The lightweight Halti Headcollar is designed for dog comfort and safety with a fully padded nose band, waterproof reflective webbing and a safety link that attaches to your dog’s collar.

Effective no pull training

The Halti Headcollar prevents pulling on the lead by gently steering and guiding your dog’s direction. The responsive design of this dog head collar helps to train your pet to walk without pulling.

Find your best fit

Dogs are full of energy and panting helps them cool down as they explore. Halti Headcollars are uniquely designed in multiple sizes to ensure a great fit for your dog that won’t interfere with panting, eating or drinking.

What is the right muzzle size for my dog?

To determine which size is best for your furry friend, please refer to the fitting guide on this product page.


SIZE 0 – Neck Measurement 29-36cm

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