Loyalty Program

Pet Accessories Warehouse is committed to our customers and have provided a loyalty program with amazing benefits for you and your pets.
All you have to do is sign up to be a member online, and you will receive the following benefits:
# Exclusive MEMBER ONLY discounts and offers
# Advance notice of upcoming promotions
# ANKC Registered Breeders Program
# CCCof A, ANCATS & ACF Registered Breeders Program
– Create an account with our online store
– Email us asking to join the VIP Program (if you are requesting to join the VIP Breeders Program, your prefix and membership number is required)
– We will then email you to let you know your account is setup and ready to go
EASY AS 1-2-3!! JOIN NOW!      



Terms and Conditions for the VIP Rewards program.

1. In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires: “VIP Rewards Member” means a person who is enrolled in the VIP Rewards Program (“Program”).   

2. These Terms and Conditions may be changed, amended or varied at any time by Pet Accessories Warehouse in its absolute discretion without giving a reason and without notice.   
3. Pet Accessories Warehouse reserves the right to change the Program, any benefits and discounts available under the Program. Pet Accessories Warehouse may, but is not obliged to, communicate notice of such changes using methods including, but not limited to, notification on the website, by email, SMS or post.   
4. Without prejudice to any other mode of proof, by providing verbal/written consent to participate in the Program, a VIP Rewards Member accepts these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time and agrees to be bound by them.   
5. Membership in the Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time. Any failure by a VIP Rewards Member to adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in termination of membership in the Program. Membership in the Program is offered at the discretion of Pet Accessories Warehouse. Pet Accessories Warehouse has the right to accept or reject any applications for membership.   
6. Pet Accessories Warehouse will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, via email or any other form of correspondence.   
7. Each VIP Rewards Member is responsible for advising Pet Accessories Warehouse of any change of contact details.   
8. Pet Accessories may terminate the Program at any time. In the event of termination of the Program, or the cancellation of a Member’s Card or cancellation of membership in the Program, Pet Accessories Warehouse will notify Members of such termination or cancellation.   
9. Pet Accessories Warehouse will not be liable for any disruption to the Program or any delay to or inability to provide any of the points caused by circumstances beyond the control of Pet Accessories Warehouse, including but not limited to strikes or industrial disputes, acts of God, flood, weather, aircraft unserviceability or unavailability, war or civil disturbance.   
10. To participate in VIP Rewards, a person must provide certain details to Pet Accessories Warehouse. Pet Accessories Warehouse may refuse any application for membership. If an applicant does not provide the necessary information on the Application Form, that applicant may not be eligible to participate in the program.   
11. Pet Accessories Warehouse collects a Member’s personal information in order to operate the Program. If this information is not provided, then the Member may not participate in the Program. By making an application, unless otherwise advised, the Member consents and authorises Pet Accessories Warehouse to use this personal information for the purpose of conducting the Program. In addition, this personal information and any other information that is obtained via the Program may be used by Pet Accessories Warehouse for marketing, promotional, research, product development and planning purposes in any form of media (including without limitation to electronic communications).   
12. A VIP Rewards Member may only hold one Membership and must reside in Australia.   
13. A VIP Rewards Member is given the opportunity to receive offers, special discounts and enter into competitions “Offers”. Offers are subject to further terms and conditions, the details of which will be available at the time of each offer and may vary from time to time. Each Member consents and agrees to receive marketing information, offers and special discounts (“Information”) from Pet Accessories Warehouse by email, SMS and post.   
14. Member discounts only apply to full-priced items and are not available in conjunction with any other offer, unless otherwise specified.   
15. ANKC, CCCof A, ANCATS & ACF Registered Breeders Programs are ONLY available to members who provide a valid membership number and Prefix.  Membership must be current with the appropriate controlling body.   
16. Any questions regarding our VIP Rewards Program should be referred to Pet Accessories Warehouse via email at sales@petaccessorieswarehouse.com.au   
17. Any liability arising out of or in any way connected with a member’s participation in the program is the responsibility of that member.   
18. All questions or disputes regarding the eligibility for the Program, or any other dispute which arises in connection with a VIP Rewards Member’s participation in the Program will be resolved by Pet Accessories Warehouse in its sole discretion.