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Floating Stick Blue

Floating Stick Blue

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Floating Stick Blue
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Why do pets like to play?

When young, play is practice for life. Play exercises our pets bodies and their minds. Most breeds traditionally had jobs to do. Playing with toys and interacting with us is now their role. We have bred our pets to have juvenile personalities all their lives. So while puppies and kittens especially love to play, even adult animals will play given the chance. Mature aged pets can also be encouraged to partake in a little gentle play.

The benefits of play

Play can help keep our pets bodies and minds healthy. Chasing balls, tossing toys in the air, finding toys under the rug and interacting with us all encourage our pets to exercise. Pets are now suffering from unprecedented levels of obesity (yes, just like us!). Play is an excellent way of encouraging your pet to keep active. Of course, a balanced diet is also good for your pet. Just as our bond with our pet benefits from interaction, so too does our pets bond with us. Want your dog or cat to love you more? Play with them.

Play can help prevent behaviour problems. Giving your cat the opportunity to hunt at home can prevent the need to hunt wildlife. Giving your dog the opportunity to chase balls and chew toys can stop him barking or annoying you or even escaping and roaming the neighbourhood.

Product Features:-

# Made of thermoplastic rubber

# Floats

# 24cm long x 5cm wide

# Blue stick with funny face

# Suitable for medium to large dogs